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Krajeński Landscape Park The Uroczyska area is located in the heart of the Krajeński Landscape Park.
The surrounding fabulous space away from industrial activities allows you to calm down and listen to the surrounding sounds of pristine nature.
The Krajeński Landscape Park consists of numerous reserves, forest refuges, natural monuments, river valleys and over 100 lakes distinguished by crystal clear water.
There are numerous protected plants and all kinds of birds in peat bogs and swamps.
In the nearby forest we can meet not only unique plants, but also wild animals such as deer, roe deer, fallow deer and wild boar.
An unforgettable sound that we can hear early in the morning or in the evening is the piercing voice of the black cormorant. In autumn, however, you can hear rutting and mating of many wild animals.
Unforgettable landscapes and contact with wild nature are an extraordinary attraction for those who like photography.
Sandy city beach In front of our facility
Below our facility (50m) there is a sandy city beach, with a large pier, safe, gentle and sandy entrance to the water. There are shelters with a barbecue area and a small playground on the beach.
The beach is not under the supervision of a lifeguard.
Mushrooming In our rich forests surrounding Uroczysko
Centenary forests, perfect shape and the right climate make it an ideal place for mushroom picking. In the local forest we can find mushrooms such as: boletus, goats, chanterelles, kites, bay boletes, red mushrooms and a rare mushroom commonly called a goat's beard.
The forest is rich not only in mushrooms but also in other gifts of the forest, such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries ...
Fishing The nearby lakes are a real paradise for anglers.
In the nearby lake Lutowski, you can most often catch pike, zander, perch, roach, bream and tench. You can fish directly from our private jetty or the boat, which we offer free of charge to our guests. The lake itself is managed by the PZW, Bydgoszcz district, and periodic fishing permits for holders of the fishing license can be purchased directly at the Koło PZW fishing shop no. 121, at ul. Jeziorna in Sępólno Krajeński.
The nearest fishing shops are located in Sępolno Krajeński at T.Kościuszki Street on Plac Wolności, and at ul. Jeziorna.
Grab the fishing rod, the big fish are waiting !!!
Going by canoe, boat or pedalo Amazing landscapes, charming coves ...
Amazing landscapes, charming bays, clean water and unspoiled nature at your fingertips, create ideal conditions for tourists who want to spend time with an actin. The ideal way is kayaking, boat or pedal boat rides, which we offer free of charge to our guests.
The route can run along several lakes: Lutowskie, Mielec, Duży and Mały Smolanka, and Lake Sępoleńskie, connected with each other by charming inlets. Get your oars and go kayaking !!!
Cycling and hiking routes. There are countless walking and cycling routes in the vicinity of Uroczysko.
We can reach unforgettable places not only on foot, but thanks to our bikes, which we provide for our guests free of charge.
One of the most beautiful walking and cycling routes runs around the Sępoleńskie Lake, almost 17 km long. Everyone will find something for themselves here, because the trail offers numerous attractions and quiet places away from the everyday hustle and bustle.
The terrain will appeal to more or less demanding tourists, and every nature lover will appreciate the local surroundings located in the Krajeńskie Lakeland.
We have prepared detailed descriptions and maps of nearby trails for our guests.
  Adventure in the saddle ... ... in a nearby stable.
Horse riding with an instructor at the nearby Astra stable (12 km from the facility - contact available on site)
Book a ride as soon as you start your stay ... They are very popular !!!
Aquapark Chojnice Those thirsty for water madness Those seeking water madness in swimming pools and slides are invited to the Aquapark in Chojnice, ul. Hubert Wagner 1. There is a small gastronomy on site.
  Człuchów Zoo with an amusement park Attractions for the whole family The possibility of contact with wild animals. The famous zoo that helped save the tigers. There is also a family amusement park and a restaurant on site. The area of the complex is located on the national road E22 and E25 in Człuchów.
Monuments The nearby area is ideal for those who like to get to know and visit interesting places with history.
The area is made up of numerous monuments of secular and sacred architecture. Most of them are real pearls of cultural heritage. These certainly include:
- Człuchów Castle - the castle is located in Człuchów, the second largest castle of the Order after Malbork. It was the most difficult object to obtain in Pomerania, the seat of the commander and the Teutonic convent. Ulrich von Jungingen and Konrad von Wallenrode resided there.
- church in Runowo Krajeński from 1603-1609,
- monastery and church complex in Zamart from 1752-1772
- church in Wałdów from 1621
- the church in Kamień Krajeński (1581),
- the church in Więcbork (1772-1778)
- the church in Sypniewo (1781).
- an exceptionally valuable church in Orl, written in history (1442-1452)
- ruins of a fortified manor house from the 15th century in Orl. In 1656 the Swedes destroyed the manor, which was built on an artificial island and surrounded by a moat.
fragment of the defensive walls of Kamień Krajeński. The city was the only one in the present area of ??the Park, it used to be surrounded by stone stone fortifications.
palace in Sypniewo from the mid-nineteenth century,
impressive ruins of an eclectic palace in Runowo Krajeński from 1860, containing also numerous elements of an earlier 16th-century building.
We will not pass indifferently by the stone and brick railway bridge near Obodowo, today it is one of the most attractive viewpoints in the entire area of ??the Park.
The park's monuments also include palaces, manors and farm complexes. Most of them were created at the turn of the nineteenth century, have been preserved in various conditions, but are still eagerly visited by tourists and artists seeking inspiration.
Sępólno Krajeńskie (7 km) In Sępólno Krajeńskie we can find... In Sępólno Krajeńskie we can find various types of shops, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, discos and service points like pharmacies, banks, etc. In the very center of the city there is a sępoleńskie lake, along with a prepared sandy beach, a large pier and catering facilities. There is also a water equipment rental on site. Around the lake, there is a beautiful cycling trail that leads through the most beautiful surroundings of Sępoleńskie and Lutowskiego lakes.
In Sępólno, there is a museum of the PRL with interesting exhibits, and a Sports and Recreation Center, where there is a gym, tennis courts and courts.
Sępólno Krajeńskie is one of the three cities in the area of ​​the Krajeński Landscape Park, where medieval urban layouts along with 19th-century buildings, as well as 18th-century churches survived.
Człuchów (25 km) A beautiful town with over 660-year history. A beautiful town with over 660-year history. It lies on the border between Kashubia and Krajna, in the south-western part of the Pomeranian Voivodship. The main advantage of Człuchów is the post-glacial terrain with characteristic lakes and picturesque moraine hills, densely covered with forests. Such a rich and diverse natural environment is a natural paradise for sailors, anglers, mushroom pickers or lovers of leisure.
The city has an interesting history, traces of which are still visible in many places. It is worth seeing the remains of the Teutonic castle - a moat, stone fortifications, defensive walls and a 46-meter tower. Also interesting are: church. St. James the Apostle, market with tenement houses, post office, town hall, villas on ul. Batory, a former station for the stagecoach, a former brewery.
Człuchów also has a wide range of outdoor events, including: Pomeranian Review of Children's Song, Człuchów Days, Beer Impressions, International Boogie Festival, Farewell to Summer or Motocross Championships.
Wiecbork (25 km) In the city  In the city there are several holiday resorts, located mainly on the lake, near a small forested hill. . On site, we can use a water equipment rental company. Visiting the charming corners of the lake is one of many attractions. In the very center we can go to the fish fry, or join the restaurant for a delicious Polish dinner. In the summer, the Wiecbork Days are held, where you can taste the local specialties
Chojnice (35 km) Chojnice is a city that has been well remembered in history. Chojnice is a city that has been well remembered in history. The location near the main route connecting the Order with Brandenburg made Chojnice very fast, grew rich on trade. For just 20 years a parish church was erected and the construction of the fortifications was completed. Until today, Chojnice is visited by tourists due to valuable monuments but also in terms of recreational attractions that can be found here, for example. Aquapark Street. Hubert Wagner 1, Experimentarium in Chojnice Józef Piłsudskiego 30b, 89-620 Chojnice, or Chojnickie Cultural Center located on ul. Swarożyca 1 etc.

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